Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emotional Baggage And Clutter

I found this nifty article today while researching voodoo dolls - interesting isn't it? The things I stumble into... I'm not even sure how voodoo dolls and emotional baggage are related - and yet - clearly they are! Isn't the internet an awesome source of distraction? Ok... that being said, here goes:

Often times, clearing out the clutter is more than just getting rid of things and getting organized. People tend to have emotional attachments to things that stand in the way of letting go. And I am not just talking about things with sentimental value. I am talking about holding on to clothes that no longer fit, letters from old lovers, canned goods that you don't ever eat, etc.

  • Getting rid of clothes we'll never fit into again means accepting our current shape and level (or lack) of fitness.

  • Getting rid of possessions remaining after a loved one has died means coming to terms with our loss and grief.

  • Getting rid of books and magazines we don't have time to read means accepting that we will never have enough time or attention to explore every topic that's of interest to us.

  • Getting rid of an expensive item we never use means admitting that we made a poor decision when we bought it.

  • Clearing out the pantry means you accepting you are not living in poverty and are better off giving it to someone else who is hungry and replacing it with food items you will actually eat.

  • Removing clutter means making room for new opportunities.

  • Clearing clutter means removing all of the excuses that keep you from fulfilling your dreams.

  • Clearing clutter and creating fresh, sacred space means you deserve to live in a clean and peaceful environment full of beautiful things.


OK - Wow!

It's Robert Cray doing a Stratocaster test with a blues improvisation in G.

Monday, June 21, 2010

And Now For A Special Treat!

How wierd is that? Kind of gives you the creeps doesn't it? It reminds me of that nursury rhyme about the little girl who had the curl right in the middle of her forehead... You know, the one who was really horrid? And if she didn't look so... well... mean and scary... I'd feel really sorry for her.

OK... that's not entirely true... if she didn't look so mean and if I was a nicer person, I'd feel really sorry for her... as it is, I'm just thinking, "Thank God it's her and not me!"

Oh, and by the way, I found this at (of all places) Chicken Crap.com.

Trying Again

OK, so the other form is a little messed up!
Plus, somebody will no doubt think I'm seriouly asking for bank account numbers and passwords... (pause for dramatic eye roll)
So, here's a different form for testing.

You don't have to put anything in there that's true or real - I'm just trying to see if it will work for anyone other than me, and where the responses will go... and all that good stuff.

Thanks guys!

Hey, Come Fill Out My Form!

Hi, I'm working on a website for someone and testing the forms at Google Docs to see how they work. So... I made one for me! Here it is!!

So, that was fun!!
Now I just need some people to try it out for me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Is this scary? Or cool?

Actual living and replicating cells created by a computer, with a website address encoded into their DNA??? I'm leaning towards scary... how about you?

Craig Venter and team make a historic announcement: they've created the first fully functioning, reproducing cell controlled by synthetic DNA. He explains how they did it and why the achievement marks the beginning of a new era for science.

Who is this guy anyway?
Craig Venter, the man who led the private effort to sequence the human genome, is hard at work now on even more potentially world-changing projects.

First, there's his mission aboard the Sorcerer II, a 92-foot yacht, which, in 2006, finished its voyage around the globe to sample, catalouge and decode the genes of the ocean's unknown microorganisms. Quite a task, when you consider that there are tens of millions of microbes in a single drop of sea water. Then there's the J. Craig Venter Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to researching genomics and exploring its societal implications.

In 2005, Venter founded Synthetic Genomics, a private company with a provocative mission: to engineer new life forms. Its goal is to design, synthesize and assemble synthetic microorganisms that will produce alternative fuels, such as ethanol or hydrogen. He was on Time magzine's 2007 list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

In early 2008, scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute announced that they had manufactured the entire genome of a bacterium by painstakingly stitching together its chemical components. By sequencing a genome, scientists can begin to custom-design bootable organisms, creating biological robots that can produce from scratch chemicals humans can use, such as biofuel. And in 2010, they announced, they had created "synthetic life" -- DNA created digitally, inserted into a living bacterium, and remaining alive.

"Either he is one of this era's most electrifying scientists,
or he's one of the most maddening."
~Washington Post

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Over at The Prosperity Project, I'm gearing up for 30 days of self-hypnosis. And just in case you're wondering if hypnosis works - Here's proof!!

Wen I count t

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Johari Window

Here's a link to my Johari Window... Two Feathers Johari. Why not visit it and put your own two cents in... You might even want to make one of your own!

What the heck is a Johari Window? The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

You can get your own Johari Window, or contribute to mine. If you do make one for yourself, leave your link and I'll be sure to visit it.

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