Monday, October 6, 2008

Invisiblility - It is possible!

Belive it or not, there is a lizard on the trunk of this tree.
Can you see him?
He really is there!
Don't believe me?

Here's a picture of him in profile - on that same tree.
Give up?
Need a hint? Click here to see the lizard marked out in the bark.

Here's more about this intriguing little lizard.

These small lizards live in trees and are masters of Camouflage. If they are sitting on a bark without moving, its almost impossible to find them. On land they are clumsy and easy victims for predators. When scared, they run up a tree.

When threatened, they leap off the tree. With their "wings" stretched out, these long-tailed, lightly built lizards glide gracefully. The wings act like parachutes. They gently land on another tree, head up. When they land, they run up the tree, getting ready for their next flight.

During mating season, male flying lizards defend their territories. They court females by displaying their bright yellow throat flap as shown in the photograph above. They have to, as they are well camouflaged otherwise.

Pretty cool, huh? Just goes to show that it IS possible to be invisible - and that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there!

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Bob Johnson said...

Cool the way you looked at it.

Liara Covert said...

This post is a wonderful reminder that human beings camouflage their true selves and forget how and why they do so. It is a gradual process to awaken the spirit and come back to where we all began.

Liara Covert said...

Here are a few posts I have written on the subject of invisibility;

dawnofarabia said...

Two Feathers, I am feeling really frustrated right now. In speaking of invisibility... What do you do when someone you love suddenly makes themselves invisible to you? My best friend on heaven and earth has lost contact with me for reasons unknown. He's changed his email, mobile, home phone, and has a new job. I called every store in his area and no one knows him. Was he abducted? should I be worried about him? About our 30 year relationship? I'm in the middle of adopting a baby girl after 9 anguishing years of infertility and I can't share the pain of wonder of this awesome experience with him because he's.... well... invisible. How can I find him? Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I use mediation every single to relax and prepare my subconscious mind to soak in my visions of a better lifestyle. However, I feel like I only slip into the "trance" for a brief moment. How do I stay in this moment for longer?

Another method I've been using lately is visualization with vision boards. Have you ever heard of them? They are images pasted on a board that represents your hopes, dreams, and goals. Studying these boards every days plants seeds of these goals within your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is where all of habits are formed. Combine these visualizations with mediation and affirmations, and the seed in your subconscious mind will begin to grow, sprouting a newly developed habit that is oriented towards your desired outcome, or goal.

John Assaraf does a better job of explaining this and showing you how to do it in his new book "The Complete Vision Board Kit." I downloaded the free chapter here:

Two Feathers said...

Liara - thanks for the links - I'll come by and take a look at them - soon, I promise.

As a kid I always wanted to become invisible... and lately... at least here on this blog... I seem to have succeeded. LOL.

Two Feathers said...

Anonymous - I am familiar with vision boards and have used them a lot - sometimes they work better than other times... I think it depends on how in harmony I am with what it is that I've visioned. Thanks for the link to the page... when I have a chance, I'll check it out.

As for how to lengthen the time you can stay in a "trance" - the key is to relax with it... don't try to force it, and don't get discouraged... distracting thoughts will come and go, distracting feelings and ideas will come and go. You're probably in the trance for longer than you realize.

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