Monday, September 28, 2009

I don't believe you!

Here's something really cool about criticisms and the people who put you down or try to make you into someone you don't want to be anymore. It's also a true story. Read on...

"It's May 17, 1966. Manchester Free Trade Hall, England. Bob Dylan, known and loved for his acoustic music, walks onto the stage in the 2nd act ... and plugs in an electric guitar.

The audience erupts in disbelief, there's booing and yelling. "Judas!" someone cries.

Dylan doesn't respond immediately. He waits, tuning his instrument. And then he faces the audience: "I don't believe you," he says, "You're a liar!"

Then he turns to his band and tells them...

"Play it fucking loud!" And Dylan launches into "Like a Rolling Stone" ... and into rock music history."

What a great way to meet life, and be yourself!

Oh, and guess what! I've got a video!! How cool is that??

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