Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fish Out Of Water

Ok, so I found a really really long and complete list of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, and I'm wondering... who the heck writes this stuff? And maybe it would be good if I had a complete list of Twofeathers Rules of Being Cool and Having a Fun Life... then I could follow those rules and be cool and have a fun life... or probably and most likely I wouldn't follow the rules at all and my life would be as uncool as it is right now and I'd be having about as much fun as I'm having right now... so maybe what I really need is Twofeathers Rules of Not Being Cool and Having a Not Fun Life. Then, I could not follow those rules and my life would be cool and fun... what do you think? Would it work? Or would that be the one and only time in my life when I actually did follow the rules?

Also, buried in all those Ferengi rules is one that is actually pretty interesting and something I hadn't actually thought of before. It's rule #152: You can't free a fish from water. And I assume that means that you can't free a fish from water without killing it. So now I'm wondering what, (in my uncool not so much fun right now life,) is the water that I can't be freed from.

And it occurs to me that maybe the idea of coming out of the box, expanding horizons, stepping out of comfort zones, or jumping into the deep end of the pool, brings out this primal fear of being a "fish out of water" of finding out that what's on the other side of the fishbowl, (which up til now felt like a prison), is actually the annihilation of "OMG I can't breathe out here, where the hell is the water!"

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Bob Johnson said...

Oh Shirley you are too funny.

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