Monday, April 12, 2010


So, I'm having this somewhat disasterous day where my car is irretrievably broken, I'm buying an elderly van from my ex-husband that might or might not be in good working order, my lawnmower broke, I have a disconnect notice from the electric company, a broken hot water heater, overdue water bill, way too much to do in one day but hey, I'm at a friend's house so that I can go get my not new but new to me vehicle, and tomorrow I have a class that I hope I will be prepared for and I don't see how that can possibly happen. I'm borrowing money from my mother - thank God I can do that - but I really hate it... and yes I have really good friends or I don't know what I'd be doing right now that didn't involve tearing out my hair and screaming.

Well... I thought, I'll ask the Osho Zen Tarot about my day and see if I can get an idea of what the heck is going on. And this is what I got. I can't make heads or tails out of it. Anyone have any great insights?


The conflict is in man. Unless it is resolved there, it cannot be resolved anywhere else. The politics is within you; it is between the two parts of the mind. A very small bridge exists. If that bridge is broken through some accident, through some physiological defect or something else, the person becomes split, the person becomes two persons and the phenomenon of schizophrenia or split personality happens.

If the bridge is broken - and the bridge is very fragile - then you become two, you behave like two persons. In the morning you are very loving, very beautiful; in the evening you are very angry, absolutely different. You don't remember your can you remember? Another mind was functioning - and the person becomes two persons. If this bridge is strengthened so much that the two minds disappear as two and become one, then integration, then crystallization, arises.

What George Gurdjieff used to call the crystallization of being is nothing but these two minds becoming one, the meeting of the male and the female within, the meeting of yin and yang, the meeting of the left and right, the meeting of logic and illogic, the meeting of Plato and Aristotle.

The image of integration is the unio mystica, the fusion of opposites. This is a time of communication between the previously experienced dualities of life. Rather than night opposing day, dark suppressing light, they work together to create a unified whole, turning endlessly one into the other, each containing in its deepest core the seed of the opposite.

The eagle and the swan are both beings of flight and majesty. The eagle is the embodiment of power and aloneness. The swan is the embodiment of space and purity, gently floating and diving, upon and within the element of the emotions, entirely content and complete within her perfection and beauty.

We are the union of eagle and swan: male and female, fire and water, life and death. The card of integration is the symbol of self-creation, new life, and mystical

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Anonymous said...

Well the split part Osho discusses can be seen in the problems you describe. The overdue bill and the disconnect notice are things that usually are a while in coming and there is plenty of notice. So it sounds like there is a part of you that ignored those impending tasks until they reached the point of no return. The things that are broken are beyond your ability to control but not beyond your ability to prepare for. So, in returning to Osho, we see that there is a conflict within you. On the one hand you are responsible and plan appropriately for all possibilities. On the other hand you let things slide. This is the split. How will you integrate and balance these two sides?

Two Feathers said...

Ahh... it's a dichotomy! And I had to go and look up what that meant - and it really is a dichotomy - see?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A dichotomy is any splitting of a whole into exactly two non-overlapping parts.

In other words, it is a partition of a whole (or a set) into two parts (subsets) that are:

mutually exclusive: nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts, and jointly exhaustive: everything must belong to one part or the other.

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