Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Not My Fault

Every year - on the first day of the year - I watch the Lord of the Rings. I watch the whole thing, the extended edition, all the way through, start to finish. I totally immerse myself in Middle Earth, and I think about if The Lord of the Rings was real and true, and if I was an actual person in that real and true story - who would I be? who have I been? and most importantly who do I want to be?

I've blogged this before (Gandalf Changed My Life) - but last year I didn't talk about it at all. Which I find interesting. And because of that, I'm not entirely sure what my thoughts were - I do remember that I was pretty damn sure that I was a miserable failure at "being Aragorn." And since I'd failed time and again in my quest to personify the coolest character in the trilogy, I decided to try something totally different.

I decided that I'd give "being Frodo" a go. I had this idea that I would spend the year "taking the ring to Mordor." The ring being a metaphor for my sugar and crap food addiction. The idea being that how could I ever hope to achieve Aragorn if I couldn't even defeat the craving for a cookie.

And this post has been moved to my personal blog at - I think it's definitely worth reading all the way through, and if you're interested, you can find it here:  It's Not My Fault

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sanehat said...

sounds like you are finally getting a hang on this self identity thing. I know we talked about the 'ranger' thing, but I see you have fleshed it out some more. Yay. Not sure I am going to get to watch this year. Not sure I want to. I am still Sam. Stuck on the slopes of Mt. Morodor, tired of Frodo turning on me, tired of carrying him, soul tired. I just want to go home, if it exists anymore. Yep that's me. Sam again/still.

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