Sunday, September 5, 2010

Distractions and Blog Posts!!

Here's a perfect example of how I get distracted on the internet! I started out with an intention today of putting one post on each blog, and between posts, working on cleaning house, and if there was any time left over, finishing up the flyer for beginnings. And this is what happened:

I started with Two Feathers Reiki. Put up a nice little post called "Decisions Decisons" and the proceeded to make a number of ... well ... decisions. I try to keep my images hosted only on free sites - and in my latest search for image hosting I found the My Opera site - and decided to upload the images for Two Feathers Reiki and Way Cool Pictures over there. So, I went there to upload the image for the decisions post, and somehow ended up making ... I know how crazy it sounds ... another blog.

That being done, I loaded the dishwasher and then posted a Tolstoy quote on Way Cool Quotes, and (thus far) successfully talked myself out of investigating Tolstoyism... Hurray me! Then I posted images of ridiculously flexible people on More Cool Pictures... and put a bunch of trash into trash bags. So far so good.. I then trotted over here to Shirley Twofeathers.

My intention was to post about my absolutely most favorite food in the whole wide world... and in my search for actual information about the Ice Cream Bean, I ended up watching videos on doing Reiki with Horses! Which lead to the following video which I thought was really super cool:

Oh... and wait... there's a part 2!!

I really like this guy! Probably he's mostly full of shit - but it's cool shit, and well, I like him. Here's some more, because even if you've had enough, I haven't!

This is an interview - I love what he says about self love:

And then I found his Spirit Rap which is really powerful, so I thought, hey, this belongs on Feathers and Bones! There's even a CD, which I went and found at Amazon (here's a link - Spirit Rap) and put on my wish list for that mythical time when I have actual money.

And then, while posting at Feathers and Bones, I realized that I still haven't replaced the missing graphics that came with the template for that blog, and which disappeared when the person who made the template disappeared for a time and let the image hosting lapse... so now it's on my mind to get in there and fix that.... but wait... enough Shirley enough... go ... I dunno .... wash your hands! Which I have now posted... and ... (deep breath) ... (huge sigh) ... I'm now going to do some... what was it? laundry?

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