Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Big Dreams

Over at the Prosperity Project, we're doing a 30 day series on the secrets of self made millionaires. The first one is Dream Big, and I've already realized something important.

Not only do I get scared when I start having those big dreams of my spectacular future, I am not consistent with what I envision, and worse than that, my dreams and ideas of what my ideal and wonderful life would be are at odds with one another. So, I am already stuck and it's just the first day.

I have no idea how to make those big dreams fit together in a rational way. I'll show you what I mean:

Dream #1: Multiple streams of internet income, and all I have to do is sit at the computer for 3 or 4 hours a day, blogging, creating, interacting with my multitudes of readers, while the Google Checks, the Amazon Checks, and the PayPal deposits just roll on in. I can go where I want - when I want - because I'll have a really cool state of the art laptop and wireless internet. If the weather gets shitty - I can just get into my pretty much new, well maintained, totally comfortable, mileage efficient, and lovely vehicle and go someplace else. I like this dream a lot! (The freedom factor in this one is huge!)

Dream #2: I am a much beloved teacher of Reiki, Art, Color Healing, Shamanism, Gypsy Magick, Animal Communication, and whatever else I find interesting and fun to teach. My classes are always full. My phone is always ringing with people wanting to talk about classes, or their experiences, or to express how awesome that last class was. My calendar is full and yet I do find time to go attend workshops and classes myself, always expanding what I know, and finding ways to experience new things. (The I'm so cool factor is big in this one - lots of strokes here.)

Dream #3: Wow, I'm an artist. I have a great studio full of cool art supplies and every morning I go out to that studio with my freshly brewed espresso and just go crazy creating "wow" art. My agent comes periodically and fills his/her van up with art for galleries that are panting for more. My checking account is overflowing and I hardly notice because I am having so much fun simply creating cool stuff. In the evenings I hang out in the hot tub with friends. (The fun factor is the greatest draw here.)

So there they are - I thought there was more, but I just realized that the rest of my ideas are simply variations on the above themes.

I can get excited and energized thinking about each one of those big dreams. The problem is that they seem to cancel each other out. But now that I've written them down, I'm starting to see how they just might fit together...

I could have multiple streams of internet income... and be an artist... I'd just have to have a base of operations - a place for the studio, and after a huge push to get a bunch of stuff created, I could hop into my vehicle and head for some R&R. But how would the classes fit into this scenario? Maybe I could schedule classes with 2 or 3 weeks of down time in between.

Let me see... Art in the morning... followed by an afternoon on the internet... rounded off by classes in the evening. I could theoretically schedule the classes ... hmmm... a full day on Saturdays - back to back classes with a nice long lunch break. Sunday afternoons for more energy intensive events like medicine wheels, journey work, sweats, etc. And then 2 or 3 evenings a week for the other classes. As long as I schedule 1 or 2 days during the week for down time - it might actually work... It would be nice to have two whole days exclusively devoted to art. I know - that could be my "down" time, my "rejuvenate my brain" time. I could just get into that flow of color and form... turn off the phone and be in the zone.

So, that gives me plenty of time for art, and if I did 4 classes on Saturday, 1 on Sunday, and just 3 others during the week - well - that's a lot of classes. Let me see... that means 7 classes - I could be doing reiki, art, animal communication, shamanism, tarot and divination, and color healing. That's 6 classes which means plenty of time for one or two more if I feel so inclined. And if I scheduled them to all start on the same week - and run for the same length of time 4 or 5 weeks - my rest and recoup time would be available with no problem. Then I could hop into my vehicle and head for the hills with laptop in tow and plenty of time for solitude and relaxation.

Geez... I started out this morning thinking it was impossible and now here we have it... my big dream!!

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Rhonda said...

I love you dreams and appreciate your conflict having many of the same problems myself. Where one might ask in that very full schedule is there time for meditation and focusing on the dreams we are trying to create, does that come out of the internet time the art time or class time???
LOL Hopefully we will figure it all out soon!

Michelle said...

I love these dreams, and I love you. I can see exactly how they could all fit together like cogs...and I love the communne thought too. I want to talk more about it!!! :)

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