Thursday, February 14, 2008

Channeling Aragorn

Ok, so I've been considering how to channel Aragorn and it occurred to me that I need to answer some basic questions first:

  1. Where is the shire?
  2. And what exactly am I protecting it from?
  3. Who are the hobbits?
  4. Rivendell... how do I get there from here?
  5. Arwyn, who are you? Where are you? And how do you spell your name?
  6. What is the sword that was broken?
  7. Where do I find it?
  8. Who is going to reforge it for me?
  9. What is the quest?
  10. Where the heck is Frodo, anyway...
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the gay bookworm said...

Good Grief Charlie Brown. If Gandalf were to show up at your door with Aragorn you'd be like "Uh, I can't because I don't know if I can etc...etc..." YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!! I really don't know if I have ever know anyone who is as talented in so many ways as you are or who doubted themselves as much as you do. Even Sam would kick your butt right now for being so doubtful. And he seemed like a fairly peaceful guy. We need to do a spell, exocism or what ever it will take to rid you of this horrible doubt in your own abilities. I don't think Aragorn would be sitting there pondering so many questions. I think he went by two basic questions 1) What needs to be done & 2) What is the best way to achieve it? Then he would have done something towards that goal of achieving what ever it was he wanted/needed to achieve. For instance if you remember he did not have the sword fixed when it was time he was presented with the restored sword a process he had nothing to do with and had actively steered away from. Take steps towards the goal and things will happen to support that goal. YOU HAVE THE POWER...USE IT.

Two Feathers said...

Alright... this is going to drive you nuts... but it's a short trip so here goes...

What goal?
Which one?
Is there more than one?
What IS IT that needs to be done?
The dishes?
The laundry?
Can't it be something interesting?
Something intriguing?
or exciting?

I have the ability to do what, exactly?

Ok.. that's a dumb question. I take that one back. But the others stand.

And I'm calling you on it!

Melissa J. said...

Uhhhh, Shirleeeeyyyyy, isn't your goal to live in a Vardo Van (isn't that what it's called?)? So the questions are: "What needs to be done so I can be free as the wind and live in a Gypsy Vardo Van" and "What is the best way to achieve my free-as-the-wind lifestyle living in a Gypsy Vardo Van?"

Gosh, do we who love you have to spell out EVERYTHING for you? :) You know we love you, right? I think this goal is Interesting, Intriguing, and Exciting, as you specified above.

Two Feathers said...

Ahhh... The voice of reason! Hello Melissa! And you're right!

I love you. Thank you!!

Melissa J. said...

See, I knew you'd be glad I'm back! LOL

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