Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ghost Writing

At a loss for words? Never fear! I have found you a cool new tool. It's the GHOST WRITER. Here is a letter it composed for me just this morning:

Dear Readers,

There's a saying, May the roof above never fall in and may the friends below never fall out. We should get together more often. We like the same things. Go the same places. Know how to find and appreciate the new...the beautiful...the uncommon pleasures in life.

To make a long story short and to the point... Peace. Some say you find it only when they shovel the last heap of dirt on your grave. Skeptics say, Not even then. Success is a journey, not a destination.

Each individual is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of society. His highest purpose is the pursuit of his own happiness. So said Thomas Jefferson. And the benefits we enjoy in America were created in just that way, by individuals selfishly pursuing their own ends.

Show your boss you can walk on water. Just because you were on the mountain when the avalanche started doesn't mean that you caused it. We realize that such a practice is a significant inconvenience these days, and we are working hard to stop it.

I remain affectionately yours,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley!
So happy you found my Ghost Writer Generator, hidden deep in the Surfer Sam site. I always thought it was a useful and clever bit of software. So many people are loathe to write letters, emails and speeches. And even blog comments, alas. The Ghost Writer can help them. For me, creating the Ghost Writer was a labor of love.
Here is the direct link to the ghost writer page.
It's obvious from your blog that you are a thoughtful and creative person. Thanks for visiting Surfer Sam and thanks for the kind words.


Two Feathers said...

Hi Sam...Thanks for stopping by. I did enjoy the ghost writer very much... what a great idea!

Here's an idea for something else that would be really fun. An automatic blog comment generator. Maybe it could work as a bit of java scripting... something that the blog author might place at the end of a post.

Running the mouse over - or clicking on the blog post title could cause the comment form to appear with a comment already written... something funny, silly and totally random...

Maybe it could be based on the "I'm sorry" java thingy I have here: http://shirleytwofeathers.blogspot.com/2008/03/too-too-funny.html

If you happen to write something like that be sure to let me know.... and if I happen to find something like that - I'll be sure to use it at least once!


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