Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Asking the Oracle

I asked the I Ching Oracle:
What simple thing could I actually do today to make this a really good day for me?

(present) 30. Li - Brightness, Clinging
Fire can be dangerously explosive if over-fueled, or die quickly if underfed. Healthy and under control, it indicates good fortune.

(future) 36. Meng I - Darkening Force
Keep your inner light burning in order to prevail. Patiently await the sunrise.

What does the Oracle hold for you?

And so now, what does this mean? I'm going to have to get out my copy of the I Ching and read more in depth. I'm thinking it means stay balanced and stay calm. And I'm wondering if it's really true that I could actually do that.

I remember a time in my life, fresh out of high school and living on my own, when I would throw the I Ching every single day and then record the questions and the results. I did this for about a year... maybe longer. It was my daily meditation, my prayer, and my guidance. I used to get the hexagram "The Abysmal" all the time... Later, when my marriage was going bad I got back into it again and had a long rash of getting "Work on That Which Has Been Spoiled" ... I got it so often I almost knew the text by heart. Even now, when I look at that old trailer and walk past the burn pile, it comes into my mind....

So, I just got out my book and here is what it says about the first line: It is early morning and work begins. The mind has been closed to the outside world in sleep; now its connections with the world begin again. The traces of one's impressions run crisscross. Activity and haste prevail. It is important then to preserve inner composure and not allow oneself to be swept along by the bustle of life. If one is serious and composed, he can aquire the clarity of mind needed for coming to terms with the innumerable impressions that pour in. It is precisely at the beginning that serious concentration is important, because the beginning holds the seed of all that is to follow.

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motherwintermoon said...

What a great place in cyberspace you have here! So much to see and read. So many interesting, significant, and fun words and energies floating about.

LoVe this: "In this column is a listing of current posts on all my blogs. Yowsers! Look how many there are! Good Grief!! I must be insane!" LOL!

I stopped to rub Muffin's belly BTW. Enjoyed your reading too. Especially the one from your book.

..."the beginning holds the seed of all that is to follow."

Two Feathers said...

Thank you so much!

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