Sunday, November 18, 2007

knotted laces

shirley gibson

yes she is coming i hear her old lady shoes clonking up the stairs she said your shoe laces must be tied and not knotted tied and not knotted
yes they are knotted i must not be late for breakfast it is six oclock the laces are knotted and i am late
yes she is coming up the long stairs in her old lady shoes the laces are stubborn and garbled
yes the other children spill out of their rooms every morning with bright eyes shoes tied and tumble down the stairs like so many puppies i stay behind
yes my eyes are not bright my hair hangs down over my face my shoe laces are not tied
yes i am not a friendly puppy child i am the runt
yes my nose is running i am afraid my stubborn fingers fight with the laces i am only five years old my heart is beating so hard my whole body is beating so hard my whole body is shaking
yes i want my mama my mama is not coming she is not my mama she is the aunty edith the
yes maam my mama is never coming
yes i hear the murmur of the happy puppy children sitting down to breakfast
yes i am late she is coming and my shoe laces are like thin white snakes doing what they want and not what i want
yes they will not come unknotted
yes i am crying thick ugly tears i am scraggly and wet with a runny nose and red eyes i will never be able to tie these shoes i wish i could melt into the floor and disappear but i cant
yes she will hit me because i cant disappear into the floor because i am late for breakfast because my shoe laces are knotted she will hit me because i am a runt child
yes she thinks i will grovel and pee on the floor like a puppy but she is wrong
yes i am a runt puppy a runt coyote puppy child i will not cower i will curl my lip and snarl i will chew up those knotted laces with my sharp bright teeth i will chew up her old lady shoes
yes and gnaw on her ankles i will glide down the stairs like a shadow
yes i will sit at the table with those bright puppy children with their shoe laces tied with their hair neatly braided
yes i will show them my teeth i will lay my ears back
yes she is coming her old lady shoes clonking on the long hallway
yes she is opening the tall door
yes i am not sorry for my knotted laces for my red eyes i am not sorry for my stringy hair
yes i am the coyote child
yes i do not grovel when she hits me
yes i do not cry
yes i sit down to breakfast with soft puppy children
yes i am late
yes i show them my hard eyes my sharp teeth
yes my laces are still knotted

Can you spot the "coyote kid"? Here's a hint.
She is the only girl wearing cowboy boots.

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Changes in the wind is said...

Love the picture!
I don't normally do this but enjoyed the answers so I have tagged you. Check out my site for the details and if you don't want to participate I won't be offended:)

Two Feathers said...

I'll check it out!

motherwintermoon said...

Wow (!) to Knotted Laces. It is Powerful. Profound. Poignant. Heart-wrenching. Meaningful.

You have the gift of potent expression. It hit me and resonated on so many levels.

Namaste and thank you!

Two Feathers said...

smiles and hugs to you motherwintermoon - thank you!

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