Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snakes and Stones

Ok, so yesterday I went on a shopping spree and bought some really cool rocks. One of which was an awesome chunk of Celestite.


So, here's the scoop on Celestite:

Celestite, a beautiful translucent royal blue crystal, is highly prized by energy workers, crystal healers and meditators. Metaphysical rockhounds say that celestite helps synchronize the egoistic mind with higher aspects of your Divine Nature. Celestite is said to promote mental balance -- a peaceful, tranquil mental state. Celestite is said to facilitate clairaudient communication with the angelic realms and with your Spiritual Guides and Teachers.

Celestite can elevate the energy within its environment. According to: "Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals", "blue celestite seems to cleanse the area of affectation, transmuting pain and chaos into light and love."

Celestite is good for mental activities. Celestite can synchronize the egoistic mind with higher aspects of your Divine Nature, promoting mental balance and helping you to achieve a peaceful, tranquil mental state. This blue crystal always imparts a feeling of well being. It can help in cultivating a more intense spiritual practice, and can be a powerful tool supporting the diligent work involved in attaining the highest spiritual goals.

Celestite has "stories to tell". It can provide for access to, and transfer of, information from the purity of the angelic realms. It assists in clairaudient endeavors, affording lucid, distinct, and articulate verbalization of the messages received. It also contains an innate wisdom which is accessible to the user... It is a stone for astral travel... it is a bright hope in days of despair...inhabited by the fairy of good fortune..

I thought all that sounded really good, especially since the stone I picked up was feeling so good in my hand that it was not possible for me to put it back on the shelf! So, last night I decided that I would sleep with the celestite in my hand and have cool dreams, maybe even attain some high spiritual goals, do some astral travel, visit with the fairy of good fortune, etc... etc...

And I did sleep deeply and well, and I did have dreams... but not the sort of dreams I expected. I dreamed about SNAKES! And these were not very nice ones either. I woke up this morning on the heels of a vivid nightmare about being attacked by snakes, small venemous pit vipers, larger poisonous morphing snakes, and a wide assortment of really big boa constrictors and pythons... Ok, so the boa constrictors and pythons weren't actually attacking me... but they were waiting to... so I wonder what's up with that?

The only happy part of the dream was that they hadn't killed me yet, I wasn't feeling the effects of the poison... even though I had bites all over my arms and feet... I kept wondering why I hadn't died yet, and it occured to me that there must be some anti-venom close by and that maybe it would soon to be made available to me...

So that's life in shirleyland today...
How about you?
What's life in your land like today?

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Bob Johnson said...

Wow, snakes and stones will break my bones,lol. I was about to get me some Celestite then I read about you dreams, scratch that idea.

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