Saturday, March 1, 2008

What is freedom?

What is freedom? And is it truly possible?

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GCG said...

Back in March of 2007, GCG said this:

Oh yes, there is such a thing as freedom, real freedom. Who was it, Krishnamurti maybe? who asked his disciples if they wanted to know his secrets... He said, I don't mind what happens. That's free.

Two Feathers said...

And on that same day, I replied:

What an awesome answer! Wow. It did something inside my head when I read it. Something expanded.Earlier, I was thinking, Ok.. no there really isn't because if you are free to do that, you are then not free to do this, and we are limited in this life by time and space and limited life expectancy and income, and I was all getting into this whole dialogue with myself about the haves and the have-nots, the cans and the can-nots.And I come on here to post all that and I read this.. "I don't mind what happens." Yes! That is freedom! I want it.

Michelle said...

Later on, Michelle said:

Freedom? According to every astrological chart and numerical reading, this is what I am working on in this lifetime. I am not sure what it is, if it is even attainable for me, (right now). When I think of freedom I think of birds, and wild horses. I think of wind, and leaves, and the limited ability that a human has to be free in this world. We are tied down much more by our own expectations and the expectations of our society, the limitations of our cultural system than by any natural occurence. In nature, which I equate as truly 'free', these things don't occur. Expectations do not occur. Change occurs, cycles occur, life and death occurs. The only time freedom in nature is questioned is when it is molded into something human, like a building, or a garden. The only other thing that seems close to true freedom is the feeling that I experience when I am totally engrossed in doing a piece of art. For a few minutes, the world is blank in front of my eyes. Nothing but divinity and my original idea is there....and somehow, together, it makes a piece of art.

Two Feathers said...

And now, today, I'm still in that place of wanting that I was a year ago... I'm still "minding what happens"... still searching for the courage, the clarity, the whatever it is that would will allow me to be happy with what is... to be in a space of "yes to even this"... I wonder if I'll ever get there...

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