Wednesday, June 17, 2009

General principles for Working With Emotions


  1. Recognizing emotions is the basis of self-knowledge and interaction.
  2. Emotions are connected with your own memories and observations, bringing them into your mind when needed.
  3. It is possible to experience deep joy only after you have recognized and lived through the negative emotions stored in your subconscious and your body.
  4. The possible emotional locks will open in their own time without breaking the ego only in a mutually respectful, safe and loving atmosphere.
  5. Repressed emotions may break out as symptoms in the body, crying, gestures, expressions, dreams or exaggerations in the emotional life.
  6. An emotion that has not been dealt with will come up to the conscious level when a person is ready to cope with it.
  7. Working with emotions may be more exhausting than mental or physical struggle.
  8. While the breathing is becoming freer it will also create a freer expression of emotions – and vice versa.
  9. Emotions can lead you astray or hide behind each other.
  10. Inner healing is possible.
  11. Our own beliefs, attitudes and verbalizing of our thoughts crucially affect our emotional lives.
  12. Faith is not dependent on emotions.

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