Monday, January 11, 2010

So... today...

Well, I dug my car out of the snow and went to the store and got all the ingredients for Kitchari. Did you know that ground Cardamom is more precious than gold? I couldn't believe how expensive it is! Then, I picked out a really cute little coconut.... only to find out... now this morning... that it's bad.

Now, I'm usually a fairly decent coconut picker outer. I grew up in South America, I know what to look for. And it's clear that my coconut picking skills have  been languishing from under-use. So, I went looking for a good tutorial on how to choose a coconut, (which I posted).

Anyway, I am actually following through on my plan to do a Kitchari Fast. I'm going to substitude cashews for the coconut... I hope that's not a mistake.

So... what else? I have to call a bank about their bogus claim that I owe them 4 times more money than I actually do... And I'm having a huge amount of anxiety about it. So much so, that instead of calling them, I turned my house upside down, moved my office into the kitchen, reclaimed my meditation room, did laundry, collected boxes for a kitty condo thingy I want to make, planned a fast, bought groceries, beat up a coconut, started a twitter page, wrote this post, ... and if I could think of a gagillion more totally useless and ridiculous things to post... I would, and if I could think of even more ways to mess up my house, I'd do that too. How's that for aggressive proactive procrastination??? I wonder what Aragorn would do...

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