Monday, December 17, 2007

The Four Forces

I found this today:
It's the Daily Message byPublished by Paulo Coelho on December 14, 2007

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Paulo Coelho, he wrote a book called "The Alchemist" that I really love. Apparantly, he's also a blogger. How cool is that?

So this is what he said in his message titled: The Four Forces

Father Alan Jones says that in order to build our soul we need the Four Invisible Forces: love, death, power and time.

We must love because we are loved by God. We must have an awareness of death in order to understand life fully.

We must struggle in order to grow, but without becoming entrapped by the power that is gained through that struggle, because we know that power is worthless.

Finally, we must accept that our soul, although eternal, is at this moment caught in the web of time, with all its opportunities and limitations. We must therefore behave as if time existed and do everything we can to value each second.

These Four Forces cannot be treated as problems to be solved because they are beyond our control. We must accept them and let them teach us what we need to learn.


So what do you think? Agree? Disagree?

I was especially struck by that last sentence about "the four forces cannot be treated as problems to be solved." And I have been wondering in what way do I see love, death, power, and time as problems to be solved? And beyond that, how do I allow them teach me what I need to learn? I will be mulling this one over for days.

If anyone has any insights... please share them!

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Daniel B. said...

The only one of these four forces that I have ever considered having any control over was Power. Control over my own personal power, control over political powers etc.... I believe there is a power greater than ourselves but I do think we can influence/control it with our thoughts. It is just a matter of learning how to control and focus our thoughts to our greater good. Not to our detremint.
I do not think about time a whole lot. It is just kinda there. I have wondered if we did not have clocks and calanders would time as we now know it really exist? If we did not have these man made reminders would time be lost, fast or slow? What does it really matter?
Love and Death happen. I do think the more love we put out the more we are likely to encounter. I personally am not afraid of death. Since I died twice as a child I have never felt any fear of death.

Two Feathers said...

I have been mulling...
Thank you Daniel for your input.

Personally, I have wanted (and still do want) to have control over death, and love, and time, and this would certainly give me power.

I am not afraid of dying, but I am very afraid of the intense pain I will feel when my precious dog dies. I am afraid that no one will ever love me the way she does. I am also afraid that I will never love anyone the way I love her.

Time passing bothers me a great deal because I don't think I am "doing" enough, or "being" enough, or "learning" enough, my dog isn't going to live long enough, or .... it's a long list, but you can see where that one is going.

I do NOT want to get old and frail and dependent on others. I will kill myself first. Thereby achieving a sort of power over time and death by taking them into my own hands.

Clearly, there are issues here.

Do I get loved enough? I don't think so. Am I loving enough? I don't think so. Is this something I need to "fix"? Yes, I do think so.

What would it even look like if I just let all that go and just allowed Love Time Death and Power to have their way with me?

I don't even know how I would go about doing that. What does that even mean?

Daniel B. said...

Seems to me in light of your comments and Osho,that you need LOVE. It has been said that people who have been hurt or disappointed in love try to control all those things in their lives to not be hurt again. I have found in my life that people who insist on so much control while looking for Love, don't find it or it doesn't find them. Love is a trip, a trip where you relinguish control and just go along for the ride. Sometimes you'll drive sometimes you have to trust the other person to drive. If you can't trust it will probably be a short drive. No one, I don't think, truely wants to be in control all of the time. We all want a some point to let go. LET GO and TRUST. Trust that everything will be alright, maybe better than we thought. Trust is hard but so rewarding. Oh well I know you, you can do what ever you want to do. If you choose to do it. LOL

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