Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I am now an abstractionist!

I found this post at Flickr, and since I have done "The Work" on sabotaging every good thing that comes to me and how I should stop it now, I thought I'd act on it instead of sit on it:

Pedro C. says:

Hi, Just released a new online gallery, and we would love to have your art there. abstr.actioni.st. We are looking for a few people that want to show their work. The site is integrated with PayPal for all payments processing. And its absolutely free for those who choose to join now, but beware that paypal does charge a small commission (around 1eur for each transaction, check PayPal for detailed information on this).The site is its initial version so we are looking for some people to join in, promote themselves and at the same time help us improve the site reporting problems, or making suggestions of things you would like to have on the site. So, feel free to browse around and you can signup for a free account .

Between other things, you can also have your own domain name instead of abstr.actioni.st. Just drop me a line if you want to do so. You can report any problem or suggestion to the following email:pedro@abstr.actioni.st thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon

Pedro Costa.

ps. feel free to pass on this information to who ever you think may be interested. Posted at 4:33AM, 26 November 2007 PST ( permalink )

I signed up right away. Check it out!. I only have a few things up today, and the plan is to put up a something new every week until there is a nice selection available.

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Changes in the wind is said...

Way to go Shirley!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, THe pictures look great. Those are some of my favorites

Two Feathers said...

Thanks guys. I'm putting more up today.

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