Friday, December 21, 2007

The Winter Solstice Planetary Alignment

On Dec 22 at 12:09 AM Central Standard Time there will be a rare planetary alignment. This particular line up of planets hasn't happened in 26,000 years. Because I am now consciously working to create a connection to the rhythms of the earth, I thought it might be beneficial and helpful to take a look at how the alignment falls on my natal chart.

And, WOW, the alignment is right on right on my ascendant. What that means exactly, I'm not entirely sure, but it certainly looks really interesting. My chart makes a kind of a bowl shape with the alignment shooting right into it. Here's a picture of it, the transits are shown around the outside of the circle.

The best site for astrology, charts, and horoscopes is Astro Dienst. Check it out! For the most accurate horoscope and natal chart, you will need to know the place and time of your birth. If you don't know what that is, and cannot find out, the chart created will still be useful and, for the most part, right on target.

Interestingly, I will be Christmas Shopping at that exact moment. I thought about putting it off, but we have an ice storm moving in on Saturday, and this is my very LAST day to get it done before Christmas. So.... I wonder what will happen! I'm open and I'm willing and I'm wading right in!

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