Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goodby to the Plumber Guy!

Goodby to the Plumber Guy and hello Auntie Moss. The Plumber Guy has gone to stay over at My Work At Home Job, he decided that things were just getting a little bit too crazy around here, what with posts on dragons and thunderstones and what not. Lucky for us, we have Auntie Moss!

Who is she and where did she come from? She is a wonderful little old village witch who got a really bad rap from Ursula Leguin in her Earthsea book "Tehanu." The description in the book reads like this:

"Aunty Moss was a dour creature, unmarried, like most witches, and unwashed, with greying hair tied in curious charm-knots, and eyes red-rimmed from herb smoke." She was further described as, "unpredictable, unreliable, incomprehensible, passionate, ignorant, sly, and dirty."

The one thing said about her that was true is "she was following her heart, it was a dark, wild, queer heart, like a crow, going its own ways and on its own errands."

Lucky for us, I was able to find an actual picture of her, and she did graciously agree to be of help to those of you who ask for advice and insight. You'll find her at the bottom of the page. Go ahead, ask her something, you know you want to!

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Bob Johnson said...

Cool, I've asked her if I would be rich, she said "oh aye! to be sure!", I'm going to be rich.

Two Feathers said...

That's awesome Bob, congratulations! I was going to ask her the same question... then I chickened out and asked instead if I was going to be happy..

Here's what she said: "You'll be wantin some magic then?" Hmmm... I wonder what that means.

Bob Johnson said...

lol, still not rich.

shirley said...

Well.. it takes time Bob... time.

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