Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If I was a dragon...

Having gotten into a good size funk over my inability to transform myself into a dragon, I was at work, whining and complaining about it, and someone asked me what I would do if I was a dragon. So, here's my list:

  1. Bank of America would be toast.
  2. Developers would be terrified to go anywhere near a rainforest.
  3. George W Bush would be homeless - sorry. Maybe he could go live in New Orleans in one of those trailers he so generously provided!
  4. China is so beautiful, I'd probably plan to live there, just as soon as I got done roasting their government officials. The olympics would have to be canceled of course, as would plans for world domination, and Tibet would be my gift to the Dalai Lama. (Unless I accidentally breathed on him and set him on fire.)
  5. Warships would swim with the fishes, and not one war plane, missle, or rocket would make it into the sky - yes I know I'd be busy!
  6. Any factory, any powerplant, any place of business not being extremely cautious about pollution - well, let's just say the construction trade would be booming.
  7. When I got bored with making people behave, I'd vacation in Australia, and allow heads of governments bring me treasures and jewels.
  8. Eventually, I'd get lonely, and then I'd fly off on "the other wind" and find out where all the other dragons live.

If you were a dragon, what would you do?

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