Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Not sure what darkness even looks like?
Here's a clue:


When was the last time you went outside and it was totally and completely dark? No street lights, no flashlight, no moon... just complete and total darkness. Is that even possible any more?

Darkness - here it comes:


And here it is - our earth at night. Looks like some places are actually dark!


But not Europe!


This lovely thing is the San Francisco Airport.

sanfrancisco airport at night

What if we turned off ALL the lights at night? And didn't someone try to make this happen a while back? Actually, yes, you can read about it at Earth Hour.

Are we afraid of the dark? And if we continue to surround ourselves with light, even at night, how will we see the night sky, and spectacular images like this?

galaxies and comet

I wonder, does our fear of the dark reflect an even deeper fear of the vastness of space and our own small selves?

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Bob Johnson said...

I live for the darkness, love to see the Milky Way, unfortunately have to travel nearly an hour to get to the dark, worth every minute spent getting there.

I am a big fan of Earth hour.

Two Feathers said...

I figured you for a darkness lover! I'm going to check and see if maybe you could be a vampire... I haven't seen your comment on that post yet.

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