Monday, August 4, 2008

The Idea Cemetery

Amber Canyon
Morning Meditation

Today I opened the book to a picture of a Yurok Cemetery. There was a fair amount of interesting energy involved in the image. Energy of grief, of neglect, of not letting go, of clinging in a sort of desperate way - of depression and regret.

I wondered at first if it was a sign NOT to go help a friend of mine hang a door in this 100+ temperature day. Then I wondered if it was a sign that my idea that my friend Daniel should write a book about trees was a dead idea.

Then I heard, very distinctly something about how ideas - when they reach their "time" - you have to let them go. And even though in the meditation I heard it very distinctly, now when I'm writing it, the exact words that I heard elude me.

What I understood was this:

Ideas, (and that includes projects, career paths, interests, passions, passing fancies, grand schemes, inspirations, etc) come and then they go. There is a time and a place, a moment... And when that time has passed, when the moment is done, it's time to let it go. Don't cling to it and carry it with you as so much "dead" weight. Say goodbye and move on.

I then tried to move into a the picture itself and be in that place, at that cemetery, but there came an immediate sense of "NO!"

I don't know if it was my protecting spirits, or what, but definitely I was sternly pushed out of that place which seemed to be filled with ghosts and bad "ju ju."

So, that was interesting. I wonder now how to put to rest the dead weight I'm carrying - I need an idea cemetery, I think. Maybe make a diorama or a crucifixion piece, maybe call it the "Fall From Grace" or something.

This is a great idea, I wonder how to make it a sort of ongoing art project, or altar, or something.

What is the Morning Meditation?

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