Friday, August 22, 2008

Seeing what is

A while back, I had an interesting experience. It was raining, and when I sat down to meditate with my tree and do the Morning Meditation. It was hard at first to see out what with all the water on the window screen.

Then a cardinal came and was picking at the suet I have out there, and the screen, and the raindrops on it faded away. I didn't even notice them at all.

When he flew off, it occurred to me that it really is true that we only see what we think we'll see and what we are interested in seeing.

So I tried to look at my tree and see the stuff I wasn't seeing. But it was no good.

I'm sure there are fairies, but I don't see them. I'm sure the tree has an aura, an energy, but I don't see that either. What else is there that I don't see? I wonder. And I wonder HOW to see it.

So, here's the Morning Meditation for that day. Wow! It was so cool - just for a moment I knew how to be in that place of aliveness.

I wish I could stay there all the time. In that knowingness that everything is indeed living and sentient. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever felt that? How far are you willing to go with it? Could you believe that rocks are alive? What about your car? your computer? the chair you are sitting on? And how different would your life be if you lived it as if that was really true?

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