Sunday, July 20, 2008

So what is this "Morning Meditation" stuff anyway?

It occurred to me that with so many posts tagged "Feathers and Bones," it might be a good idea to put forth a better explanation of what that is. If you have read more than a couple of them, you'll see that it appears that I talk to a lot of people and go a lot of places - either that - or I hallucinate every morning, although there is the distinct possibility that I'm just nuttier than a fruitcake...

So.... here's the thing.

I probably AM nuttier than a fruitcake, but I do have a slightly better than tenuous grasp on reality. The "Feathers and Bones" series is a meditation that I do every morning. Quite by accident, I discovered that I could put myself into a trance state and "communicate" or have "visions" or make a "psychic connection" with the people and the images in a really cool book of photographs taken back in the 1800's by Edward S Curtis. The name of the book is the North American Indian.

Am I really talking to those actual people? Or am I talking to myself? I don't know the answer to that question and what's more, I don't care. I am having so much fun with it, I am getting so much out of it, my life is expanding in so many different ways, that I don't think it matters in the least WHO it is that I'm actually meeting with every morning.

Why do I call it "Feathers and Bones?" When I made the initial decision to post my experiences, I didn't know what kind of label to put on it, and initially I was calling it "living by the book" because that was only thing that came to mind. As time passed, it occured to me that it might be a good idea to post the morning meditations on it's own separate site, which I called "Feathers and Bones."

That idea, while fine in and of itself, came at right about the time I was strongly guided to give up all the other blogs, and so "Feathers and Bones" the website is not currently available. I like the name though, and have decided to keep it as a tag for the morning meditations.

Another thing you might (or might not) notice is that I backdate the posts, and so they are really easy to miss. It's not like you can visit every day and read what I "got" that morning. And that's because, for me, getting on the internet isn't something I do every day. If I'm posting every day, it's because I have pre-written and pre-scheduled those posts.

I also don't worry too much about being "late" with these posts because I have this idea that the only person really interested is... well... me. And I already know what my meditation was, I know what I'm thinking about, and while I may not have a clue as to what I'm doing, I am the one doing it... so I figure there's no need to be in a big hurry to tell myself about it. It's possible that I could be wrong... that someone... maybe even YOU the person reading this right now... is actually interested in this little series. That would be awesome, and cool, and if that's the case, you can click on the "Feathers and Bones," label in the sidebar, or the "What is the morning meditation?" link at the bottom of the post. Either link will pull up everything I've posted and tagged with that label. The most recent ones will come up first, so that's an easy way to know if you've read them all. Not only that, but if you leave me a comment telling me that you are indeed interested, I'll be much more conscientious about getting it posted in a timely way.

And no, I'm not planning to post the images along with the meditations. At least not at this point. It just doesn't feel right to me. What I am contemplating is a slide show... and I haven't had time to pull that together yet. When I do, I'll post a link to it here.

So, there you have it. You now know something - which is more than nothing - about the "Feathers and Bones Meditation" series. Thanks for stopping by. You are appreciated more than you know.

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Bob Johnson said...

Shirley you lead such an interesting life, well you're talking to me right now and I'm not there,lol. I find it very interesting that you talk to other people from a different time and place, kind of scary and exciting all at the same time.

Two Feathers said...

Yes Bob... and when you look at the stars, what you're actually seeing is thousands of years old... those stars might not even exist anymore, and yet here we are seeing them... and what about when we watch old movies and stuff like that... Sometimes I wonder if anything is really even real... other times.... well hey... it's all too real if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps more interesting was the reconstruction of a Curtis stage show from 1911, The Indian Picture Opera (2006).

A contemporary version of it was released on DVD and can be searched on Amazon.

Original music was recreated, and combined with 36 minutes of E.S. Curtis narration. The production reveals Curtis's interpretation and demeanor from the era.

It's thought provoking, and discussion provoking.

Two Feathers said...

I'll have to check that out... see if I can find the DVD, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the info!

Bob Johnson said...

You are deep Shirley, reality is what we make of it, one persons reality is another's fantasy, there is so much we don't understand, one day we will, and at that time, it won't matter.

shirley said...

True enough, Bob, true enough.

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