Sunday, January 20, 2008

Held Within

I have been reading through some of my old journals, and I found something that I wrote several years ago. It seemed appropriate for the season, (winter), and so here it is.

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Seeds. Roots.
deep in the dark earth
staying put
held in by Winter's rigid cold
and yet it is love
that cold stiff harsh winter breath/blanket is so lovingly
laid down
stay put, she says
stay put
go deeper within the within
not time yet to come out
not time yet to grow up
not time yet to reach forward
hunker down
cozy up
build strength
gather your reserves
let the Mother hold you inside
the dark earth
held firm
not soft
a tight grip
a good hold
I will hold you until you are
ready to come out
strong enough within to be without

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Changes in the wind said...

I have read many things about the winter time and it being a time to recuperate and draw within. I can't help but wonder what happens to those of us who live in areas that are always warm and do not have a real winter we wear out faster:)
I know if I lived in Alaska where there is hardly any sunshine during this time of year, I would go nuts...there is no doubt about it.

Two Feathers said...

Actually, I think that all this talk about how "good" and "recuperative" it is to draw within during winter is merely a desperate attempt to live through it.

And if I lived in Alaska, there's no doubt, I'd never make it through winter as a sane person. I'd have to go crazy in order to cope with it.

Tropical beaches are so much healthier! Don't you think?

Bob Johnson said...

Beautiful Shirley, Me too I can't stand winter, actually I have this thing where I get all depressed if I don't get sunlight, forget what it's called.

shirley said...

I think they call it SAD - Seasonal Affect Disorder ... something like that. And so I'm not sure how you make it through, considering where you live! Maybe saring at the stars all night long is helpful?

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