Friday, January 25, 2008

My Tony Jaa Obsession

Tony Jaa 4
As promised, here are the Tony Jaa screenshots from the movie.

Tony Jaa 3
That other guy doesn't have a chance!

Tony Jaa 2
Is he on fire? Yes! How cool is that?

Tony Jaa 5
He even dives through barbed wire!

Tony Jaa 1
Here he is having a quiet moment...

Tony Jaa 6
And yes, he really can do that stuff! It's not just movie magic!

So, now you can see why I think this guy is so cool, and maybe you can even see why I am so disappointed in myself that I am not him. I mean, who wouldn't want to be him? Well, OK, maybe YOU wouldn't want to be him... maybe YOU are happy with yourself how you are in this now moment... but I'm clearly not.

I wonder if there's even a slim chance in hell that I would have the guts to walk into a martial arts place and ask about lessons? Hmmm.... I dunno... maybe....

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Daniel B. said...

How about if I would want to do him but not necessarily be him does that count?

Two Feathers said...

I don't know daniel... doing... being... the two are certainly spelled differently.

On the other hand... I mostly prefer doing to being... so yes, in THIS case, I'd say it might possibly count.

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