Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Good Advice

This was my sister's response to It's Deja Vu All Over Again.

Okay, you asked - hope you don't regret it... I think it is great, encouraging and inspirational progress that you are ready to confront this worrisome miasma... I smell the end of its dominion over you.

Yes, I think it is a miracle you've lasted this long on snips and snatches and any of your solutions seem viable. Why not just do what has immediately presented itself to you to do? - forget about the future and don't project past right now. God has kept you from bankruptcy and ruin and all kinds of horrible working situations, and simple, grateful awareness has to have some measure of sustaining power.

There's no reason to suspect that universal support will dissolve just because you are at a point when you are ready for some abundance in your life. Know deeply and with certainty that all is as it should be - right now - it could never have been any other way. Abandon the need to know how things will work out; take your primary focus away from past and future and lend them little power over this moment. Hold a knowing space within where there is even greater certainty that there is an unfolding greater good of which you will increasingly be aware and participate in its manifestation.

Acting from this foundation, allowing things to unfold without projecting the small self in the process, is (in my opinion only) the most powerful, transformational accomplishment.

Then sit down and do the abundance mantra out loud for 15 min and then silently for 15 - do it when you can:

Om - Shreem - Maha - Lakshmi - Yei - Swaha

I am doing this mantra now and you and I together will multiply it's potency because of our connection - where you have abundance, so do I, and so do all those you and I love. So this is not optional - it is a mandate now - we must manifest abundance in the world for a higher purpose.

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