Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talking About Me

My sister said, "I was reading about the secret language of water – he says that we must compliment ourselves and be very careful about using negative words… "

So I thought, OK, what is it that I am saying about myself? Of course, I couldn't remember anything other than an email which I sent to my sister, detailing all the ways in which I suck. So, I thought it might be interesting to go through all the posts on this blog and see what I have said about myself.

Negatives first:

  1. I'm freaking out and embarassed.
  2. I am afraid
  3. I crucify myself a thousand times
  4. I stab myself in the back
  5. I feel pressured and squeezed
  6. I feel like a failure
  7. I am only moderately happy
  8. I am depressed
  9. I am not working
  10. I will never be a kickboxer
  11. I will never be that cute
  12. I will never be that limber
  13. I will never be that quick
And here are the positive ones I found:
  1. I love working on big impossible projects.
  2. I am an intensely creative person.
  3. I get insanely bored with routines.
  4. I am the "flower nurse"
  5. I am curious.
  6. I forgive
  7. I am now amazingly inspired.
  8. I'm creative
  9. I understand
  10. I am not depressed
  11. I am all happy and impressed.
  12. I am working
  13. I am the resident heretic

You might disagree with some of the things I have listed as positives. for example... the one about being insane and bored, and the one about being a heretic. However, I enjoy those things about myself , so for me, they get tagged as positives. And, it's highly possible that I may have missed a few, it was quite a task reading all the posts on the blog. Also, I omitted the ones that were more about facts and activities I was/am engaged in, and I also left out anything phrased as a question. I find it very interesting that the lists are so well balanced. I thought for sure that the negatives would outweigh the positives 2 to 1. I wonder if my self talk is as balanced as my blog speak?

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