Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where have I been?

Not seeing as many posts from me recently? That's because I have been taking two days a week to be off the grid and living my life - as opposed to being on the Internet and living vicariously in cyberspace. It seems like a good plan, and so far I have managed to:

  1. Created a prototype of an "Orgone generator, linear kimana, reiki powered, medicine wheel, magnetized, rune magick box, tray, landing pad..." something or other.... I wonder if I'll actually make a real one.
  2. Organize and sort through my tapes and CD's.
  3. Listened to actual music.
  4. Cleaned up most of my office (key word being "most").
  5. Made a really big mess in the living room (the office "stuff" having been moved in there in order to have a "cleaned up" office).
  6. Avoided the dishes totally for ... let me see ... 3 weeks now.
  7. Watched a number of movies, including one really cool one about a Thai kickboxer.
  8. Become totally disappointed with my life because I will never be the aforementioned kickboxer. I will never be that cute, I will never be that limber, I will never be that strong, I will never be that quick... etc. etc.... it's a long list.
  9. Watched the trailers and extra features of the aforementioned movie about 6 times so that I could wallow in my "never ever's"
  10. Started but did not finish 5 books.
  11. Got totally behind on several blogs - like it matters to the world at large - LOL.
  12. Procrastinated getting Christmas presents for my family for ... let me see ... 5 weeks now?
  13. Cancelled as many appointments as possible so I could make the aforementioned mess in my living room even messier.
  14. Had beer for breakfast on at least 2 occasions.

I'm sure there's more, but these are the highlights!

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Bob Johnson said...

Lol, beer for breakfast? did you at least have toast?lol.

shirley said...

Actually, I think I had several slices of cold pizza. It was a seriously disfunctional weekend!

Daniel B. said...

Shirley I know where you were and I still think it was selfish of you to not offer me any pizza or beer. What kinda blog leader/friend/witch thing is that to not offer sustinance. Is that spelled right? Well if I wasn't so hungry and thirsty I could probably spell. LOL

Two Feathers said...

Gee daniel, I'm sorry... You must have been practicing your invisibility spells... I distinctly remember setting the table for two and a half!

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