Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Spiritual Practice for the Day

So today I am working on a very tedious, possibly very enlightening spiritual practice called "Cleaning The House." As you can see, I'm not working steadfastly, diligently, or efficiently. If that was the case I wouldn't be posting this and my computer would be turned off.

I got inspired to do this partly because the dishes in the sink have become so sacred and powerful that they are creating new life. And I got inspired partly because I read in a book that "Our rooms are pictures of our consciousness. If you want to clean up your consciousness, then clean up your room."

Interestingly, as a super hero I'm "Super Fast", but as a "spiritual house keeper", I'm Super Slow. What I really need to do is hire this guy:

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Changes in the wind said...

I can't even begin to work on someting if everything is a mess around me...I know that not everyone is like that but I am sure you are going to feel better!

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