Saturday, January 12, 2008

What does your inner self crave?

Ok, so today I found myself over at Quizilla, taking this silly little quiz about what my inner self is craving. I'm calling it silly because it was clearly targeted for and probably written by a teenager. I even took the test twice. Once as me now (grown up), and once how I think I would have answered the questions when I was in high school. I came up with the same answer, which is surprisingly accurate, so maybe it wasn't so silly after all.

What does your inner self crave?

Answers.You feel as if you need to know more about everything. You analyse every detail, and ask countless questions. You want to know if there is a deeper meaning to things - you are forever searching for answers.
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So, what about you guys? Quiz or no quiz, what does your inner self crave? What are you hungry for?

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Daniel B. said...

NOt surprisingly I got the same results as you. But for some reason I am slightly surprised.

Two Feathers said...

So you are not surprisingly surprised?

Bob Johnson said...

Solitude, only 4% got that result.

Changes in the wind said...

I got the same results as you two feathers..........

shirley said...

So, Bob, is that why you are always outside looking at space?

Changes in the Wind, I'm wondering now what the percentage got that as an answer... here it looks like 3 out of 4!

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