Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being In My Body

Probably you haven't been following my posts on "Living By The Book" probably because I haven't been posting them very regularly, and then when I do put them up, I back-date them which effectively buries them... And I'm sure you didn't see the post about "Do first, talk later" because I only just now posted it...

Yes, it's getting late, and no this isn't a trick of some kind, and yes I did think that emptying the bathtub with the bucket was a good idea, and soon I'll be taking up basket weaving, and no this doesn't really make any sense, and yes I know this. However, I am going to make a point here ... I think.

So that day, I think it was June 1st or something like that, I did go and take a ritual bath, and it was really really good. And while I was scraping all of the daily bullshit off my aura, and the grunge off my body, it occured to me that in order to really be an effective channeler of energy, in order to fully connect to the earth itself and to the living beings that surround me, it just might be important to be fully connected to my own physical body, to really feel and really inhabit this woman body that I live in...

Now I realize that you might be thinking... well duh! That's a no brainer! And I did know this on an intellectual level ... HOWEVER ... this was the first time that I really "got" it at an instinctual gut level. How important it is. So... That's what I came here to say tonight.

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