Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello to the Sun

A pueblo Caique, Duck White, motioned for me to come into his lodge. And we sat in silence. Sage was burning.

We looked out towards the sunrise. The sky was pink and pale yellow. The sun not peaking over the horizon quite yet.

He said:
"Every day we greet the Sun and we make an offering. In this way we make a connection to the Sun that helps us live. And in the evening we say goodby, and come again."

I could feel the sun shining on my face. I felt the warmth and the energy. A wondering thought came, "What if you don't wake up until later in the day?"

He said, "When you first see the sun, that's when to greet the day. And when you first see that evening has come, that is when to say good bye. No offerings needed then, just a goodby for now and an invitation to return."

Amber Canyon

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