Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rambling thoughts on Creativity and Bloodletting

So today I was thinking about how on the blog, I'll go along posting something really serious and insightful and then I'll have a spurt of totally stupid (sometimes funny) stuff as if to negate or to offset all that seriosity. Kind of like the person who says something really heartfelt and real, and then they laugh... which, by the way, I do that too.... interesting...

So I was wondering what it was that was so serious as to bring forth the Church of Google and Escape Plan #452810b and I realized it was because of the realization that for me fear = creativity. And when I thought about it and took it one step further, I realized that I believed that to be authentic, honest, and real, you have to be suffering - which brought me to the Exploring Emotions exercise at the prosperity project. And I'm thinking that if I could just be RELAXED, then I'd find it possible to be Real and Creative and Authentic all with a MINIMAL amount of fear and suffering.

And while I was thinking about that, I was reminded of the story of Kali, which sent me on an Internet search for images that brought me to Chinnamasta, the goddess who cuts off her own head. I love this picture. I think I'm going to recreate it. I'll buy a canvas and paint her. Big, Bold, and Bloody. I could put the painting .... hmmm ..... ..... where??

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