Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dust Devil

This morning, I came across three Navajo people looking off into the distance at a point of interest. They totally ignored me, seemed uninclined to speak, so I tried to catch a glimpse of what it was they were so totally engrossed in.

What I saw was a dirt devil in the distance, which soon became three and then coalesced together to become one big female devil, devouring everything in her path, uprooting trees, causing devastation. Then I said, "Wait a minute here. If that's what they are really looking at, wouldn't they be more freaked out? Less relaxed? Wouldn't they be exhibiting some sort of nervousness or fear?" And I began to totally doubt what I was seeing.

But still the people weren't the least bit interested in talking to me, and when I looked into the distance again, I saw the same thing. Only this time, I kept on watching, and saw that the "dust devil" was putting the trees back into the ground.

Then it occurred to me... just because something off in the distance looks dangerous and scary, that doesn't mean that it is.

Amber Canyon

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