Monday, June 9, 2008

Things You Should Know About Shirley

My sister, bless her heart, kept a word-for-word dictation of my thoughts and feelings about Me. Wanna hear it? I was angry and frustrated and depressed that day, so it's quite a rant.

  • Shirley isn’t good enough,
  • Shirley doesn’t make good decisions,
  • Shirley is a failure and Shirley is a fraud.
  • Shirley should stop whining and complaining and start taking care of business.
  • Shirley should stop sabotaging every good thing that comes to her.
  • Shirley should stop being embarrassed about all the things she knows how to do and start fucking doing them.
  • Shirley shouldn’t badmouth Shirley all the time.
  • Shirley should stop relying on other people’s opinions instead of her own.
  • Shirley needs to stop looking for validation outside of herself.
  • Shirley should practice what she preaches; she should use her skills that she has and use what she knows.
  • Shirley should stop avoiding and start wading into what is right in front of her.
  • Shirley needs to practice unconditional love.
  • Shirley spends too much time on the computer.
  • Shirley is hiding out.
  • Shirley is an outcast -
  • Shirley will do anything to avoid humiliation including and especially living a full life.
  • Shirley doesn’t deserve good things because she is a fraud.
  • Shirley is fraudulent because she isn’t authentic in the way she lives, acts, or thinks.
  • Shirley needs to do something scary every day or at least every week.
  • Shirley needs to go out side every day.
  • Shirley isn’t special, wonderful or loved;
  • God doesn’t like Shirley.
  • She isn’t safe in the world.
  • Shirley isn’t as spiritual as other people think she is.
  • If people really knew Shirley, they would find her too intense and they woudn’t like her at all.
  • She would get on their nerves.
  • Shirley isn’t a good artist – she’s lucky - her pieces are accidents and other people are being nice but they don’t really mean it – or they don’t know any better.
  • Shirley isn’t wise – that is why her life is such a mess.
  • Shirley’s got so little compassion and love her youngest won’t speak to her and she judges her oldest severely.
  • If Shirley were successful she would not be in debt.
  • Shirley has no relationship with a lover –
  • Shirley is untouchable - Impregnable, safe, powerful, and mean.

Well, so now you know... Yes, it's all true... Yes, it isn't true at all... I'm so silly sometimes! How about you? What do you say about you when the shit hits the fan?

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the gay bookworm said...

Wow sounds like a fascinating person to me. Shirley will make some co-dependent with a martyr complex a very happy man. Sounds to me like she needs to write a book about how weird and wonderful she is. Because with all this rich bullshit feritilizer it will grow and grow.I know a Shirley who is wise and wonderful in her completely weird and unique way. Wouldn't trade her in for any Oprah watching so called enightened being. So there!!!!!!!

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