Sunday, June 8, 2008

But seriously folks...

Ok... so having tried Bibliomancy, and getting that mysterious answer about basket weaving, I decided to give it another try and ask this time for clarification.

So, I said, "Please explain the basket weaving answer," flipped open the magazine, and pointed at a place on a page. Well... I don't know how "illuminating" the answer was, but it was certainly interesting and cool.


Here it is:

Stacked like logs in the supermarket, next to the paper towels and the laundry detergent, they await burning. Nestled like eggs, each in its own cardboard box, they clasp tiny brittle buds inside fragile translucent shells.

Patient and inconspicuous, these wildest of creatures have been easily domesticated. In homes and offices, they take root on desktops, sprout from bedside tables, thriving in the darkest corners. Hanging from ceilings, they are flowering stalactites - one flick of a switch drives the sap through their veins, through pistil and stamen, and they burst into flame. Then there is no controlling them. They immediately speed away, leaving trails of fire in their wakes.

Sometimes, if you're lucky, one appears above your head. It glows there in the air for a moment, like some startled bird, before splitting open, spilling its brightness everywhere. "There is a crack in everything." according to singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. "It's how the light gets in."

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