Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Grandiose Scheme

OK, so the other day, I took an online mental health test. Not one of those silly quizzes that I like to post here, no, this test took itself much more seriously. It's a Mental Health Screening Test based on the diagnostic manual used by therapists and recommends whether someone might benefit by consulting with a mental health professional.

My results were "actually quite good, however there might be a slight tendency towards obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and bi-polar disorder."

So... while I'm really NOT crazy, what I do tend toward is disorder? I'd say that's true...

At any rate, one of the questions went something like this, "For at least the past week, have you have been feeling incredibly important—almost like a god?" The question stuck in my mind... I might have even been obsessing over it... (smile)... then, this morning, I started working on my list of things I'd like to incorporate into my daily routine.

The "almost like a God" phrase popped immediately into my mind. It's a grandiose scheme if I ever saw one. Since I'm "so important" I'm sure you'll want to see it, so here it is, the list of things I'd like to do every day:


  1. Wake up rested and alert.
  2. Drink a nice big cup of something really delicious, nutritious, not fattening, and warm.
  3. Go outside with my dogs and make an offering to the sun, get grounded and connected to the earth, say hello to the four directions, and basically feel good about being alive.
  4. Take care of the animals - food, water, etc.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Spend an appropriate amount of time exercising, working out, and practicing for my martial arts class (and no I haven't signed up for it yet).
  7. By now, I'm needing a shower.
  8. Then I figure it'd be a good idea to eat a really delicious, nutritious, healthy, not fattening meal consisting of organic food that I have grown myself in my organic garden (more on that later).
  9. After which, it also seems like a good idea to spend an appropriate amount of time cleaning up the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the house, etc.
  10. During which time, I can be on the phone talking to family and friends, being loving and supportive - thoughtful even.
  11. Having gotten that accomplished, I should be feeling pretty good about my self and my life, so that seems like a good time to work on any number of the various art projects banging around in my head, and hanging around in my house.
  12. Periodically, I would invite my children and grandchildren to come over and do art with me, or whatever else we think might be fun to do - being as how we're such a happy close-knit family and all.
  13. For lunch, I'll munch on some yummy, healthy, not fattening, organically grown, made by me soup, sandwiches and snacks.
  14. When I'm done snacking and arting, it'll be time to clean up that mess and head on out to the garden, gather a few vegetables, do some weeding, some planting, etc.
  15. Also, home maintenance projects, fence building and fixing, mowing, decluttering, shopping, and whatever else needs to be done around here.
  16. And, I suppose that if I'm going to be employed, I'll need to allot some time for running off to work...
  17. Plus, if it's the new moon, the full moon, the solstice, the equinox, or just whatever... I'll spend a fair amount of quality time doing magic and medicine wheels, sweats (in the sweat lodge I'm theoretically going to build) and etc.
  18. And, if I want to have friends, now would be a good time to either invite them over, or head out and visit with them.
  19. That being accomplished, by now, I'm maybe a little bit tired. So, I figure I'll take a nice shower, get dinner started, and turn on the computer.
  20. Dinner, will of course be... delicious, healthy, organic, not fattening, and totally made by me. I really do actually know how to cook. Believe it or not.
  21. After dinner I figure I can sit down and do a little blogging... you know... get all the posts written for Gypsy Magic, Mandala Madness, The Prosperity Project, Way Cool Pictures, More Cool Pictures, Way Cool Quotes, Shirleytwofeathers, and the other little blogs that I've been neglecting recently.
  22. Having accomplished that, I could spend some time promoting my art at Green Dolphin Studio, tweaking and adding to my Cafe Press Store, getting The Gospel Missionary project moving again, and tweaking my affiliate links at Amazon, Dragon Rising, and Llewellyn.
  23. No doubt I'll get inspired and start a few new Internet projects here and there, (an eBay store, book sales at, dog training website, dial a shaman, animal communication, Reiki, and yes, there's more) and of course, since I'm so organized, I'll be able to keep up with them as well.
  24. Oh, and since I'm so "all that" I figure, I'll be staying on top of my bills keeping them paid on time and in full.
  25. Then, just a quick look at my feedburner stats, my AdSense account, shareapic, zimbio, blogcatalog, technorati, and etc ad infinitum before I open and answer all my mail (virtual and otherwise).
  26. Now, it's time to start winding down for the day by reading a couple of books, applying lotions, creams, and yummy smell good stuff to my body, making sure the plants, animals and other dependents are all walked, watered, and fine, straightening up any last minute messes in the house, and watching my favorite TV shows.
  27. Last, but not least, sliding into bed plenty early so that I won't be exhausted and tired in the morning, and as I fall gently into a peaceful sleep, spending that quality time meditating and visualizing the wonderful magical things that I want to manifest in my life.
  28. And then, of course, I'll have really cool dreams and visions, and sleep really well.

But wait... there's more!!

No, I'm just kidding... at least I hope I'm kidding. Am I kidding? Sure I am.... I think...

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Bob Johnson said...

Bout the same day I have, aren't we perfect,lol. I do like the say hello to the 4 directions part.

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