Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Personal Power is Necessary for Health

This is the second principle of energy medicine from "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss. The first principle is Biography Becomes Biology and the third principle is You Alone Can Help Yourself Heal.

Personal Power is Necessary for Health.

Power is at the root of the human experience. Our attitudes and belief patterns, whether positive or negative, are all extensions of how we define, use, or do not use power. Not one of us is free from power issues. We may be trying to cope with feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness, or we may be trying to maintain control over people or situations that we believe empower us, or we may be trying to maintain a sense of security (a synonym for power) in personal relationships.

Many people who lose something that represents power to them - money, or a job, or a game - or who lose someone in whom their sense of self or power is vested - a spouse or lover, a parent or child - develop a disease. our relationship to power is at the core of our health.

Power mediates between our internal and external worlds, and as it does so, it communicates in a language of myth and symbol. Consider, for example, the most common symbol of power - money. When a person internalizes money as a symbol of power, its acquisition and control become symbolic of that person's health: when she acquires money, her biological system receives the signals that power is coming into her body. Her mind transmits the unconscious message "I have money. Therefore I am safe, I'm secure, I have power, and all is well." This positive message transmitted in the biological system generates health.

Each of us has numerous power symbols, and each such symbol has a biological counterpart. Our lives are structured around power symbols: money, authority, freedom, title, beauty, security. The people who fill our lives and the choices we make each moment are expressions and symbols of our personal power. We often hesitate to challenge a person who we believe holds more power than we do, and we frequently agree to things because we believe we haven't the power to refuse. In countless situations and relationships, the underlying dynamic at work is the negotiation of power: who has it, and how we can maintain our share of it.

Learning the symbolic language of energy means learning to evaluate the dynamics of power in yourself and others. Energy information is always truthful. Although a person may verbally agree to something in public, his energy will state how he really feels, and his real feelings will find their way into some symbolic statement. Our biological and spiritual systems always seek to express truth, and they will always find a way to do so.

You need to become conscious of what gives you power. Healing from any illness is facilitated by identifying your power symbols and your symbolic and physical relationship to those symbols, and heeding any messages your body and intuitions are sending you about them.

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