Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inscription Rock

Turned today to "Inscription Rock" a huge monolithic sandstone rising out of the desert where Spanish explorers had carved their names and dates way back in the 1600's along with the petroglyphs of ancient native peoples. There was even a ruined pueblo village at the top, how they got up there, I don't know.

And it was most interesting, because my mind was cluttered with thoughts about blogging, and a comment I made on a blog, and should I go back and coment again, and how to fix the comments box on a blog I'm working on, and etc etc.

It occured to me how wonderfully natural it is to want to leave "your mark" wherever you go. Wolves do it, dogs do it, bears and cats too.

I decided to see if I could communicate with the rock. And when I tuned in he was smiling contentedly in the sun. Not even noticing really the fleeting movement on and around him. I got a feeling, a deep sense of centeredness, contentment, warmth, and solid permanence - even though "this too shall pass."

And I thought that passing would be imperceptably slow, a sort of melting into the earth as wind and water wear him down.

Amber Canyon

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