Monday, July 7, 2008

My Washing Machine Issues!


As some of you know, I've been without a working washer and dryer for several months. Well, a miracle has occured, and last week someone brought to my house ... you guessed it! ... a washer and a dryer.

While I was waiting for them to show up, I asked the people across the road if they wanted the old broken washer and fire hazard dryer to sell for scrap. A very delighted person showed up 5 minutes later and bingo... the old washer and dryer got moved out of the house.

You'd think I'd be happy... and I was.. all the way up until they started loading the washer into their truck. All of a sudden I was having a major panic attack! I started thinking... OMG what if I need them someday... what if the new ones don't show up... or if they break or something... then what will I do? How will I do my laundry?

LOL. It was hilarious. I couldn't believe it! Here I was thinking that I should keep two broken appliances just in case the not broken ones break some day! And how would I survive without a washer and a dryer.. It was too stupid.

Then, there was this lull between the time when the broken appliances left and the new ones showed up. I opened the refrigerator and the milk wasn't very cold. I immediately started worrying that my refrigerator was going to be the next thing to break down. I was about to comfort myself with the thought that if worse came to worse I could use the washer as a "cooler" ... but OH NO! I DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!

More anxiety... I can't use my broken washing machine as a temporary cooler for my refrigerator (which wasn't broken)!

Then, the new appliances showed up. And that was nice. I got to do laundry and that was even nicer.

But wait... was I happy and at peace? Not me. Now I was feeling bad that my old washer and dryer were on their way to the scrap yard. Like I had somehow betrayed their trust or something!!

Is that stupid or what? No wonder it took me so long to get a new washer and dryer! And now, having researched at the Church of Google, surfing for the right image to illustrate this post, I discovered to my DISMAY that I didn't even really NEED a new washer! If only I had known about this or this!

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Bob Johnson said...

Lol, hey you borrow worry like I do, part of me is laughing, part of me is thinking, wow good point, shouldn't got rid of them just yet.

Dan said...

Hi shirleytwofeathers, next time you have a problem with your washing machine, have a look at
you might find a cheap and easy solution.
regards Dan

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